About Us

Banyan Creative has been providing event entertainment in Perth since 2001.

We began as a husband and wife team who had a dream of starting our own business that would be exciting for us and also put a smile on other’s faces.   Our hard work and dedication to providing a high quality, reliable and professional entertainment service has a lead us to become one of the best entertainment service providers in Western Australia.


We provide interactive entertainment with a difference.  Everyone likes to have a little fun and we bring a diverse range of activities to cater for all ages.


We service a variety of different organisations including WA schools, universities, businesses, city councils, youth groups, people with special needs and community groups and organizations to deliver enjoyable, interactive entertainment.


We have a strong commitment to being a part of making your event, no matter how big or small, a success. Our team of friendly, energetic and enthusiastic staff are there to ensure that your event runs smoothly and that participants enjoy an event to remember.


 Our Motto is to:

Be Creative, Be Active, Be Healthy, Be Inspired, Be Confident